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  • Speedy Immigration Inspection Certificate for Foreign Frequent Visitors

    Applicant Information
    First Name/Given Name
    Last Name/Family Name
    Date of Birth (format yyyy/mm/dd)
    Sex Male Female
    Email Address
    Home Address
    Cell Phone Number (format 09-12345678)
    Home Telephone Number Telephone Country Code  +
    Telephone Number  (format 123456789)
    Document Information
    Passport Number
    Passport Issuing Country
    Passport Issuance Date (format yyyy/mm/dd)
    Passport Expiration Date (format yyyy/mm/dd)
    Identity Card Number
    Visa Type
    Visa Number
    Recent 3 times to visit Taiwan in 1 year Information
    Another Passport NO, I have used the only passport coming to Taiwan in past 12 months.

    YES, I have used the other passport coming to Taiwan in past 12 months.
    (NOTE:If you choose YES, you have to fill in the other(old) passport number)
    Other(Old) Passport Number
    Entry Date 1 (format yyyy/mm/dd)
    Entry Date 2 (format yyyy/mm/dd)
    Entry Date 3 (format yyyy/mm/dd)
    Hong Kong and Macau, mainland chinese residents please fill in the fields below.
    Permit Number
    Permit Issuance Date (format yyyy/mm/dd)
    Permit Expiry Date (format yyyy/mm/dd)
    Other Information
    Purpose of Visit
    Address in Taiwan or Hotel Name
    Telephone Number in Taiwan(option) (format 09-12345678)
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